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Diagnostic imaging

Pet MRI scanner

Our team has the best available equipment to make diagnosis decisions 24 hours a day.

Pride of place is our specialist Vet-MR Grande veterinary MRI scanner, giving the team incredibly highly-detailed scan results that are invaluable for treating patients accurately.

The surgeons at Christchurch Veterinary Referrals use the pet MRI scan for a variety of conditions, including:

• Brain conditions
• Chiari malformation, inclusive of the BVA Syringomyelia screening program
• Intervertebral disc disease – disc rupture and protrusion (“slipped disc”)
• Lumbosacral stenosis
• Canine wobbler syndrome
• Tumour margin evaluation

Pet CT scanner

In 2019 we extended the centre and installed the latest Siemens CT scanner, enhancing our advanced imaging suite. It is used regularly for:

• Evaluating joint disease
• Cancer staging
• Three-dimensional reconstruction of bones and joints

Digital X-ray

Our digital X-ray suite is advanced, offering high-quality pictures that are rapidly made available to our clinicians for assessment. Via our central database, all images can be viewed anywhere around the referrals centre as needed.

Arthroscopy (joint keyhole surgery)

An ideal procedure where appropriate, offering minimally invasive keyhole surgery, arthroscopy is a clever camera system for examining and evaluating joint problems. In most cases, issues can be repaired at the same time.

Arthroscope sizes range from 1.9mm to 4.5mm, and the tiny cameras allow large and clear images to be seen on monitors.

The technology is an ideal solution, negating the need for a larger incision and allowing for a faster and more comfortable recovery for the patient.

If you have any questions about our diagnostic imaging equipment, please do call us on 01473 230999.

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