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Orthopaedic surgery

Advanced procedures, excellent results

Our surgical team have spent years perfecting orthopaedic surgical procedures. Such is their skill and the professionalism and care of the entire team that we have exceptionally low complication rates.

Operations we regularly perform:

• Cat and dog hip replacement
• Several types of cranial cruciate (knee) repairs including Slocum TPLO
• Arthroscopic examination and treatment of meniscal damage
• Patella luxation repairs
• Complicated fracture repairs
• Correction of limb angular deformities
• Treatment of hip dysplasia
• Arthrodesis – joint fusion
• Canine elbow dysplasia treatment
• Arthroscopic examination of joints
• Incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle
• CUE – Canine unicompartmental elbow (partial elbow replacement)
• PAUL – Proximal abducting ulnar osteotomy for elbow disease

If you have any questions or concerns about orthopaedic procedures, please do get in touch on 01473 230999.

When you bring your pet into Christchurch Veterinary Referrals, your surgeon will explain what will happen. Then, your pet is taken care of until the operation is carried out.

Once complete, your pet receives lots of TLC as it recovers on one of our wards. Rehabilitation begins as soon as possible, and you’ll soon be able to come and pick your animal up.

We’ll tell you when to come back and see the surgeon for a check-up, and you’ll get all appropriate aftercare information, which we’ll also forward on to your vet practice.

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