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Soft tissue surgery

Small animal soft tissue surgery

We take referrals in all forms of soft tissue surgery, including those listed below:

• Ear, nose and throat surgery
• Total ear canal ablation/lateral bulla osteotomy
• Laryngeal tieback
• Soft palate resection
• Thoracic surgery
• Abdominal surgery
• Perineal surgery
• Urogenital surgery
• Wound management and reconstructive surgery
• Gastrointestinal surgery
• Laparoscopic procedures including neutering (further information here)

If your vet practice refers your pet to us for one of these treatments, and you have concerns or questions, please do get in touch on 01473 230999.

Your pet is welcomed and made comfortable before any procedure by our highly experienced soft tissue veterinary surgeons.

Once the operation is over, we ensure the animal recovers calmly and becomes accustomed to any surgical wounds.
Rehabilitation begins as soon as possible, and once you collect your pet, you might return for check-ups, where you’ll see the same surgeon who carried out the operation. All details and ongoing aftercare recommendations are also sent on to your vet.

Our priority is always the animal’s welfare and ensuring the owner is kept fully informed.

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