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Our goal is to provide a central space where vet professionals within our region can access the tools and information they need to thrive in their practice.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that veterinarians in Suffolk face, and our curated content aims to address these specific needs. Our comprehensive coverage also includes details on local events and news, plus supplier info and industry news.

Check back regularly for a wealth of resources that will empower you in your veterinary journey. Welcome to a community that understands and caters to the unique needs of veterinarians in Suffolk.

Post Surgical Care Guides

Available for download, these guides cover a range of surgical interventions, providing step-by-step instructions, valuable tips, and detailed visuals. Authored by experienced veterinarians, each guide details the procedure and risks plus follow up care and advice for pet owners. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Can’t download the one you need? They will be here soon.

You can also email our team vets@christchurchvets.co.uk

Lap Bitch Speys

Soft Tissue Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery


Diagnostic Imaging

  • See general anaesthetic aftercare guide.

Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy

Latest News

As avid advocates for animal well-being, we like to share essential industry news, breakthroughs, and trends, ensuring that veterinarians are equipped with the news they want. Join us to celebrate the advancements, share experiences, and foster a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence in veterinary care.


Response to the restoration of the NI Executive

In the past two years without a NI Government, crucial decisions on animal health, including bovine TB control and BVD eradication, remain unaddressed. Ensuring ongoing access to veterinary medicines post-2025 is pending.

See the latest update here


Cost of living impact to Pet Owners – thoughts and stats from the PDSA

See the FULL ARTICLE here


The Future of Veterinary Care? 

With the advent of new technology and advancements in our understanding of animal health, we’re now able to provide better care to our furry friends than ever before. However, as the world continues to change, so too does the field of veterinary medicine.

Read this fascinating article of Linkedin from @VetLine Recruitment

Antibiotic Guardians – Use of antibiotics in our East Anglian Vet Practice

As a practice we are very careful with our use of antibiotics, we do not advocate prophylactic use of antibiotics and do our absolute best to reduce antibiotic resistance.

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Ask the Vet - With Suffolk Magazine

Each month our Lead Surgeon Shane Morrison responds to a Suffolk Magazine’s reader’s question regarding their pet.

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Upcoming Events

Our events, Industry Expos, work anniversaries and more. Wherever we are, and wherever our Vets are likely to be, you can find all the details here.

20th March BVOA Spring Meeting

21st – 23rd March BSAVA Congress

3rd October  Our lead Surgeon hosts talk on the topic ‘Managing the Spinal Patient’.

21st – 22nd November BVOA Autumn Meeting


Our Lead Surgeon will be running CPD events soon, please check back for details.

11th – 12th March 2024 Versalius Training Centre.

Advanced Neurology and Brain course – Bristol, UK.


10th – 12th May 2024 ESAOTE Vet

‘2nd Edition of MRI and Ultrasound in Veterinary Medicine’ – Sardinia.

Visit for details 


16th – 18th June 2024 AO Foundation, ‘AO Vet Course – Osteotomies’. Leeds, UK.